Long Beach Unit


by Christine Frumen

UNIT website: www.acblunit557.org

NEW CLUB website: www.LongBeachBridge.com


UNIT CHARITY GAME and Holiday Party  – Sunday, December 9       

Lunch at 1pm – Game at 1:30 pm



 UNIT GAME: The December Unit Game (also our Holiday Party and Annual Charity Game) is on December 9. All proceeds from the game go to our Unit’s chosen charity, the Long Beach WomenShelter. Traditionally some of our players have donated an additional check made payable to the “Long Beach WomenShelter” and we will again be gratefully collecting any additional donations made to this charity and passing them on to the WomenShelter.

OCTOBER UNIT GAME RESULTS: Twenty tables in two sections played in the October Unit Game. Steve Skinner & George Thompson took top honors with a 66.2% game. Others who scratched were: 2nd, Betty McClellan & Mary Schefter; 3rd, Al & Sharon Appel (they also were first in Flt C); 4th, Suzie & John Hand; 5th, Elinor Baratelle & Dottie Thompson. Sue & Keith Hafen came in second in Flt C. Barbara Balowitz and Sue Fardette were in charge of refreshments.

NEW STATUS & NEW MEMBERS: Four new players were added to our unit this month, Dale Blessing, Peggi Spring, Earl Liston and Jill Stambler. And a warm welcome to each of you!           

Status changes this reporting period show Stan Tseng as a new Club Master, Mary Thomas as a new Regional Master, Irene Hirschland and Vince Remedios as new NABC Masters. We have two new Life Masters (Yeah!) Sue Sood and Jan Wagner. Keith Hafen and George Norman reached the Bronze Life Master status and Steve Sulzby is now a Silver Life Master. Congratulations!!

               70+% GAMES through 11/15: Hank Neubert and Barbra Zarzycki scored an even 70% game this reporting period. Retha Ott and Peter Woodruff had a 72.02%. And Sally Fenton and Mary Lund with a 72.22% game were the big scorers in the 70+% category. Good playing! Nice scores!

      THIS MONTH AT THE CLUB: It’s a busy, busy month at the club this December. Starting Sunday, Dec. 2 through Saturday, Dec. 8 is a week of Championship Games (extra points). That’s good practice for the Unit Charity Game and Holiday Party on December 9 at 1:30. The Bridge Center Holiday Party and Charity Game is scheduled for 6:30 preceding the 7p.m. game time on Wednesday, December 12 (We think Donna’s got something special planned). You get a day of rest and on Friday, December 14 is the Holiday Potluck at noon – always a treat. The week of December 17 (that’s a Monday) through December 23 is the Western Conference STaC (Sectional Tournament at Clubs).  Card fees will be $9 for those games. The Team Game on December 17 will also be sectionally rated since it falls in that week of STaC games. That’s a whole lot of bridge this month and a lot of chances to rack up those master points – not to mention have fun and get well fed). It’s not too soon to mention that on New Year’s Day, Jan 1 the club is hosting a New Year’s Day Brunch at noon preceding the 12:30 game.

LONG BEACH SECTIONAL: The Sectional was wildly successful. John Killian reported that we had 280.5 tables with 299 players (99 of them won points). Winner of the John Killian Trophy (a Unit 557 player winning the most points in the LB Sectional) was Earl Van Der Vord with 12.87 points. Congratulations, Earl! John sends thanks to all who helped and especially wanted to acknowledge Steve Sulzby & Mark Tang for manning the Partnership desk; Barbara Balowitz, Sue Fardette, Carol Murakoshi and Diane Sachs for keeping the snacks coming and Donna Wenberg for keeping track of the money. Thank you to John for doing a fine job again this year and a question. Are you grooming someone for this job when you no longer want to do it? 

CONDOLENCES: Shocked is what this reporter and players alike were to hear that John Vanderveen had passed away. He often came without a partner and would play with most anyone the directors suggested and was always a gentleman. We send our sympathies to his friends and family. He will be missed!

THE TOURNAMENT TRAIL: David Goetz played in a Swiss Team event in Riverside Sectional in October with a couple players from San Diego and one from Omaha, NE and they won first place in Flts. B, C and D scoring 5.22MP’s. Good going, David! 

THE ROSTER: Jan Wagner is working on the roster as this column is being written and hoping to have it ready for December – a Christmas present, maybe.

THIS AND THAT: Make a big F-A-T note for yourself that starting in January, game time for Sunday games will be at 1pm. It doesn’t start until January but will directly affect the Unit games since they are always on Sundays. We don’t want anyone disappointed by showing up a half hour late and not being able to play.

This column is being written pre-Thanksgiving and while thinking of all the things we are thankful for, one that comes to mind for me and we’re sure, most of you is that we are very thankful for Donna Wenberg for the great job she is doing managing the Bridge Center. Thank you, Donna for keeping everything running smoothly!

            For any news items you would like in the column, my email is golfgal@charter.net and my phone number is 562-434-8993.  Thanks again for all the reporters out there that give me bridge news.