Long Beach Unit


by Christine Frumen

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UNIT GAME – Sunday, March 9           

Lunch at 12:30 pm – Game at 1:00 pm NEW TIME



 UNIT GAME: Our Unit Game is scheduled for Sunday, March 9. This will be the first Unit Game to kick-off the new NLM’s PLAY BRIDGE FOR FREE at UNIT GAMES. As stated in the last column, there will be a “special” thirteen table NLM Section at each Unit Game for the rest of the year. The section will be limited to thirteen tables. Each of those NLM players in that “special” section will get to play for FREE! It will be on a first-come, first-served basis – you must show up at the desk to get the free play, no call-in or pre-reservations. Once the thirteen tables are filled, latecomers will have to be assigned to tables in the Open Game and pay regular card fees. Boosting the number of tables will mean even more points up for grabs – the larger the game, the more points.

JANURY UNIT GAME RESULTS: Wow, we had two thirteen table sections at the January Unit Game.  Overall results were: 1st, Stanley Snyder & Len Beck; 2nd, Baum Harris & Bee Kinman; 3rd, Bob Mault & Phyllis Parker; 4th, Betty McClellan & Mary Schefter; 5th, Bill Ng & Samuel Wang. Flight C honors went to: 1st, George Norman & Kay Tseng; 2nd, Jo-Anne & Calvin Waller and 3rd, Sharon & Al Appel. Congratulations winners!

NEW STATUS & NEW MEMBERS: We skipped some new members last month and apologize for our lapse. Three players, Jennifer Macfarland, Diane Tomooka and Roy Tomooka transferred into our Unit last month. This month Judy Carter-Johnson, Vonda Mauerhan and Cynthia Osborne transferred into our Unit. We warmly welcome all.

Status changes this reporting period have noted Retha Ott and Peter Woodruff as new Junior Masters. Zeme Christopulos and Willie Grieb are new Club Masters.  Michael Daley and Midge Dunagan have become our newest Regional Masters. Doris Richardson is a new NABC Master. And we proudly introduce, Dennis Schmitz as our newest Life Master. Congratulations to each of you!!  A reminder that we don’t publish the changes until we get the report from the ACBL so there is usually a short lag time and even a greater delay when we miss a change like we did last month!

               70+% GAMES through 2/15: We had two pairs – in different games – score an even 70.0% game. Doreen Maes & Phyllis Greenstein and Gary Dial & Richard Dickens hit that magic number. Shirlee Bouch & Jean Bader scored a 70.67% game. And the big 70+%er went to Tybie Becker & Irene Hirschland with their 74.88% game. Good playing!

      THIS MONTH AT THE CLUB: The first special game at the club this month is kicked off with the Unit Game on, Sunday, March 9 at 1 pm. (Don’t forget that’s the day the clocks change – spring forward). On Monday, March 10 at 7 pm is the monthly Team Game. On Tuesday, March 18 there will be two Membership Games – one at the 12:30 game and another at the 4:30 game. All chances to score extra points.

GET WELL: Poor Anna Kavoian broke both feet (Ouch!) but is back at the tables playing. We are happy to see her back.

TOURNAMENT WINNERS: The team of Bill Brooks, Peter Eddy, LaVonne McQuilkin & Carol Murakoshi won the Bracket III Knock-Outs at the Riverside Regional.

Thanks once again to Maxine Mongomery for providing the following:

“Every year more players from the LB Bridge Center join Bridge Quest in Mazatlan, playing bridge with a view of waving palms on a beautiful Mexican beach. They meet again with bridge players from all parts of the U.S. and Canada renewing friendships. Top MP winners this year were: Maureen Brown, 10.78; Donna Wenberg & George Thompson, 7.51; Monica and Paul Honey, 5.09; Connie & Jay Young, 4.59; Delores Backlund & Bob Goodman, 4.07; Tybie Becker & Beatrice Aron, 4.03; Jean Matz & Suzanne Oftedal, 3.47; Grace Byrd & Doris Richardson, 3.45 and Martha & Phil Schuster, 3.23.

THIS & THAT: For questions about the club or bridge, please call the Club or one of the Unit Board members. This reporter is NOT a board member and can only redirect you, which will delay an answer. If it’s a news item or we missed some information, do call or email so we can correct it. You can find the Unit Board Members names and contact information at the Unit website www.acblunit557.org or they should be posted at the club on the bulletin board.

            For any news items you would like in the column, my email is golfgal@charter.net and my phone number is 562-434-8993.  The column is due by the 15th of each month. Thanks again for all the reporters out there that give me bridge news.