Board of Directorís Meeting

January 14, 2008


CALL TO ORDER:  President Steve Sulzby called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. Members present were: Steve Sulzby, John Killian, Frank Bartlett, Sue Fardette, Irma Johnson, Diane Sachs, Judy Carder, Louise Sperr, Fern Dunbar and Mark Tang. Donna Wenberg and Barbara Balowitz were excused.

Absent were Barnard Mann and Sharon Beran

Steve welcomed the new board members and identified everyoneís office. He will e-mail the board the list. It is also at the end of the minutes.

MINUTES:  The minutes of the last meeting were corrected for the spelling of WomenShelter and then approved.

TREASURERíS REPORT: No treasurerís report

CORRESPONDENCE:  Steve reported that a sympathy card was sent to the family of Jan Mann and also cards to Joyce Jong and Joyce Seigle. One will be sent to the family of John Vanderveen.. A card will be also be sent to Tony Reddy and Miranda Kwan (NLM players) congratulating them on their recent marriage.

. .

HOSPITALITY:  $11.00 will be added to next monthís total.

SANCTIONS:  Irma Johnson reported that the games for the first quarter of the year 2008 have been completed.  

REFRESHMENTS:  The February Unit game will be a potluck and John Killian and friend will take care of the March Unit game. Keith and Susan Hafen will be in charge of Aprilís game.



IN COORDINATOR: Steve Sulzby reported that the attendance at the Tuesday afternoon NLM lectures is good.

SECTIONAL: The final bill of $ 125.00 has been paid. The profit was approximately

$ 2000.00



MEMBERSHIP:  Irma Johnson reported the latest In & Out stats from ACBL for the period 11-30-07 through 1-1-08. 

                  Total Members   457

                  Members receiving Bulletin 395

                  Rookie     41

                  Junior Master    37

                  Club Master     43

                  Sectional Master    63

                  Regional Master    64

                  NABC Master    45

                  Life Master     29

                  Bronze Life Master    62

                  Silver Life Master    51

                  Gold Life Master    18

                  Diamond Life Master   4

There was one new member. There was one transfer in. Irma will send welcoming letters to them. Barbara Frischkorn made Life Master.


AWARDS: The existing plaques will be updated. Sue Fardette made a motion that was seconded by Steve Sulzby to order new plaques on a yearly basis to indicate the top Ace of Club winner in all categories. The motion was passed. A token award will be discussed next month to replace the medallions.

ROSTER:  no report

NEW BUSINESS:  Steve Sulzby made a motion to have a free NLM game at the March through December 2008 unit games. It would be limited to 13 tables. The food budget will be increased to $ 350.00. The motion was seconded and passed. Mark Tang and Barnard will work on a data base to send a letter about this to NLMs. Steve will create the letter. Linda mentioned that in Pasadena they gave free lessons and free games to everyone under 21.

At the next meeting free game cards for board members to give to non Long Beach Bridge Club members will be discussed.










President: Steve Sulzby   Vice President: Sue Fardette

Secretary: Diane Sachs   Treasurer: Donna Wenberg

Correspondence: Barbara Balowitz

Sanctions: Irma Johnson

Hospitality/Charity Co-Chairs: Barbara Balowitz & Sharon Beran

Membership Co-Chairs: Irma Johnson & Donna Wenberg

ACBL electronic contact: Diane Sachs

Awards Co-Chairs: Frank Bartlett & Fern Dunbar

Roster: Bernard Mann

IN Coordinators: Steve Sulzby & Mark Tang

Sectional Co-chairs: John Killian & Mark Tang

Refreshments: Linda Carder & Steve Sulzby

Publicity Co-chairs: Sue Fardette & Louise Sperr

The meeting was adjurned at 6:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Sachs